SSX23 – Sliderail


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With the Sliderail mounted to the SSX-23 metal slide, optics like the Micro Reddot can be mounted.
The cutout on the Sliderail allows using the fiber optic sights with the rail mounted.
The rail is machined from lightweight aluminum.


Mounting screws
Allen key


Sniper Pistol

The incredible range and precision paired with a reddot optic makes the SSX-23 a deadly precision gun. The reddot does not cover half of your target like the fiber optic sights do. Also you cannot make any alignment mistakes which will make your shots more precise especially at long ranges.

Backup fiber optic sights

The slot in the sliderail allows you to use your fiber optic sights even with the rail attached. This can come in handy when your Reddot runs out of battery.

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Weight 0.12 kg