Bifrost Tracer Unit

R3 640.00

Available on back-order


A unique Tracer unit as it features programmable multi-colour shooting flash as well as the regular tracer BB illumination.

Ideal for playing in dark areas and adding an outstanding touch to your shooting experience. It offers the following colours: Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Pink – Purple


  • Blaster simulates the muzzle flash function with 7 colours.
  • 11 programmable modes: Tracer only, Flash only and Tracer+Flash
  • Use RGB, Multi-Colour or Single Colour depending on your preference
  • Up to 35 rounds per second
  • 81mm x 30mm
  • 14mm CCW (Negative)
  • Intelligent Power Control
  • Li-Ion, rechargeable

 Comes with a USB-C cable, an Allen key, a manual, and, an M11 adapter.


Gun Compatibility

The SSX23 System
The SSP2 system
The SSP18 System
The SSE18 System
The SSP5 System
The SSQ22 System
The SSR4 System
The SSR63 System
The SSR9 System
The SSR90 System
The SSX303 System


Please find the required adapter for the SSP2/5 below in essentials