Modular Suppressor – V2

R1 110.00


Sound-reducing suppressor with a rectangular shape and acoustic foam inside.

All our pistols can be holstered with this suppressor attached.

Length: 170mm / 110mm / 80mm

  • SSE18 Variant has the standard airsoft 14mm CCW thread and can be used with most airsoft replicas. NOT suitable for other GBB Glocks as it will not fit into a holster.
  • SSP18 Variant clamps onto the Thread Protector. You need the protector to attach the suppressor because it has no thread. Works well with other GBB Glocks with thread + protector, can be holstered.
  • SSX23/Mk23 Variant is compatible with the SSX23. It has a 16mm CW thread.
Rifle Compatible
SSG10 A1 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG10 A2 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG10 A3 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG 24 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSG96 Yes, 14mm CCW with adapter
SSX303 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR15 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR90 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR4 Yes, 14mm CCW
Pistol Compatible
SSP18 Clamp with thread protector
SSX23 Yes 16mm CW
SSE18 Yes 14mm CCW
SSP5 Yes 14mm CCW with this adapter.

Additional information

Suppressor Compatibility

SSE18 (14CCW), SSP18 (For Thread Protector), SSX23 (16CW)