Disassembly Kit


In stock (can be backordered)


Everything you might need for the disassembly of your airsoft replicas in a small and compact box.

Minimal Disassembly Kit with built-in demagnetizer, extendable tool handle and storage compartment for screws.

The perfect accessory for your airsoft bag.

More than 100 options!

In this disassembly kit you will find more than 100 tools for your replicas and your home repairs.

Everything in order

Everything has its own space for keeping your disassembly kit completely organized.

Extra storage

Here you can store some extra screws of your replica in case you lose them in the field you will have them handy and ready to go.


The rubberized surface of this screwdriver will prevent slipping from your hands.

The rotating bottom part will help you to unscrew and screw everything way faster!

Flexible extender

Have you ever been in the situation where you cannot put your screwdriver to the screw because something is in the middle blocking the screwdriver? We got you covered!

With this flexible extender you will be able to reach all these screws that are located in difficult places.


Is there something you can’t reach with your own fingers? This tweezers will allow you to easily grab, grip, place, remove or hold items that are too small or delicate for your fingers to manipulate.