Fast Attach Suppressor System

R1 410.00


Fast attach suppressor with acoustic foam inside for maximum sound suppression.
Diameter: 38.8mm / Long: 175mm length / Short: 125mm length


  • Fast Attachment System
  • Filled with Acoustic Foam
  • Comes with a steel muzzle device
  • 14mm CCW thread – universal
  • Hard anodized aluminum suppressor


Rifle Compatible
SSX303 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR15 Yes, 14mm CCW
SSR90 Yes, 14mm CCW


The suppressor is filled with acoustic foam, the same material that is being used in recording studios to prevent unwanted echoes. This results in the best possible shot suppression you can find.



With just a few turns you can attach the suppressor to the muzzle device. Ready for action in just a few seconds.

This also comes in handy when you have more replicas that share the same suppressor. You can switch between them easily.

SSR15 with the short suppressor


The suppressor already comes with the muzzle device and you can choose from 3 different styles. They all work the same so pick the one you like the most.


The foam infill consists of big and small discs which create a baffle system on the inside. This traps the escaping air or gas inside of these baffles further increasing the effectiveness of the suppressor.

If you would need spare foam discs for this suppressor, you can get them HERE.

Internal design

The cavities will trap the excessive air that’s coming out of the inner barrel.

To make sure that the BB doesn’t hit anything inside of the suppressor, the disks get bigger towards the end. Also, the exit hole is enlarged to ensure that the trajectory doesn’t get influenced even when the gun is being moved during the shot.

SSX303 with Long Suppressor

Additional information


Long, Short


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