Universal Gun Stand


In stock (can be backordered)


The universal gun stand to accommodate pretty much every rifle. Can be adjusted and can conform to the shape of your gun thanks to modular hooks.

The reflective glass base plate and the branded support will bring out the best light out of your rifle. It will make for a fitting decoration whether it’s in your room, living room, garage or mancave.


  • 5 diverse rubberized hooks to fit your gun without scratching them!
  • The adjustable beam can tilt so your gun can be displayed at any angle.
  • Magnetic Novritsch logo that can be moved around.
  • Robust build with rubber anti-slip feet.
  • Metal clamping system holding the adjustable beam.

 Handle the stand with care to avoid scratches and cracks.


Our very thorough product testers have done their testing and have come to the following verdict: It can stand!

BIG F****** GUNS

This gun stand is meant to take anything you throw at it. Those of us who have to compensate finally have a place for our big guns.


Showcase all of your guns with this stand. We’ve tried all the guns we hand in our offices and couldn’t find one that wouldn’t hold.LEVEL IT

Easily adjust & lock it into the position that works best for your gun. Now it’s just about finding the best spot in your place to host this glorious stand.


There is literally nothing that you cannot fit onto this rifle stand. Otherwise, let us know and we’ll go back to the drawing board.HANG TIGHT – The five different hooks can be interchanged to get the ones that hold your gun the best in place. The rubber surface will prevent them from leaving scratch marksCOMPLETE THE SET – Team up the Universal stand with both the M4 Stand & Pistol Stand to make yourself one dream setup.