Tracer Unit Blaster

R2 990.00

Available on back-order


A stylish tracer unit with a unique “Flash” feature to simulate real-steel muzzle flash.


  • Blaster simulates the muzzle flash function.
  • 3 programmable modes: Tracer only, Flash only and Tracer+Flash.
  • Up to 35 rounds per second.
  • 76mm x 32mm.
  • 14mm CCW (Negative)
  • Li-Ion, rechargeable.

 Comes with a USB cable, an Allen key and a thread adapter.

 Remove pre-installed 11mm CCW thread adaptor to fit on 14CCW.

Gun Compatible
SSP18 Yes
SSX23 No
SSE18 Yes
SSX303 Yes
SSR15 Yes
SSR90 Yes