Tactical Pistol Flashlight

R1 810.00

Available on back-order


Airsoft fields are full of dark corners and rooms where enemies can be hiding all the time. That’s why we like to use flashlights on pistols. Sometimes being able to scan the darker environments can give a huge advantage over other players.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Premium Pistol Flashlight, this flashlight might be your go-to.
While delivering 400 Lumens, it allows your pistol to still feel lightweight and gives you the lighting you need in those shady situations.

It can be fitted to all of our guns that have a Picatinny rail. For the SSP1 you have to use the adapter that’s included in the box and tighten the 6 screws while squeezing the Picatinny bars on the flashlight.

Batteries are not included.