Novritsch SSX23 High Power Airsoft Pistol

R3 250.00

Available on back-order



The NOVRITSCH SSX23 High Power version is a pre-upgraded, extremely quiet & powerful Non-Blow Back Pistol. This replica is meant to be combined with our suppressors to cover the barrel and make the best of your high-power, silent pistol.

You can find the standard SSX23 with a shorter barrel here.


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Designed to shoot heavy BBs (0.46g).
  • Longer barrel for supreme accuracy.
  • TDC Hop-up Adjustment.
  • Full Metal slide.
  • Gas efficient Non-Blowback system.
  • Magazine capacity – 24 BBs.
  • Threaded barrel for suppressors/tracer units.
  • Optional Rails for pistol flashlights & Red dots.
  • Comes in a box.
  •  Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.

Muzzle Energy: 1.7 J (0.46g BBs) 388-414 Fps

Weight: 520g (without magazine)

 Using High-Pressure Gas at more than 10°C can break your magazine’s seal!

 Follow this chart to make sure your magazines will last for a long time and to get the best performance out of your SSX23.

Temperature Ideal Gas Ideal BBs
0°C to 5°C Super High Pressure (Nimrod Black Gas) 0.28g
6°C to 10°C High Pressure (Nimrod Red Gas) 0.46g
11°C to 20°C Medium Pressure (Nimrod Green Gas) 0.46g
21°C to 50°C Low Pressure (Nimrod Blue Gas) 0.46g


The SSX23 is the quietest pistol. Attach our Modular Suppressor and they will not know where the shots are coming from.


How to best describe the face of enemy players when they get hit? Confusion.

Unless you go mayhem and storm them like we often do.


The SSX23 is meant to be used and abused in the field. That’s where it shines and all it’s features are meant to support you in the game.


The SSX23 is the most universal pistol of its kind thanks to all the accessories and features we built into it. Also comes fully upgraded so there is no need to spend more money on it. It shoots great and will make even the most demanding players happy.



Sometimes, plastic can be better than metal. Not in this case. The metal slide feels great in the hand and makes the SSX23 more durable. It also allows you to attach red dot sights and comes with a pair of fiber optic iron sights out of the box for low light action and fast target acquisition.


The main advantage of the SSX23 is its quietness. Due to the closed system and the minimum number of moving parts, the pistol is the perfect solution for snipers and players who enjoy staying undiscovered.

With the modular suppressor attached, enemies will have no idea where the shot came from.


Since there is no blowback or moving slide, you can shoot multiple magazines with just one gas charge. All the gas is used for accelerating the BB, nothing else. Also, there are fewer parts that can potentially wear down.

The gas consumption is about 4 times lower compared to a gas blowback pistol. Therefore it keeps working in sub-zero temperatures.


TDC, 6.02, 0.46g, ML50 Autobot, Flat Pressure Plate.

If you’re not sure what all this means, don’t worry. The SSX23 shoots very accurate.

In fact, it shoots better than regular Assault rifles (AEGs) on the field.


A number of accessories are available for the SSX23 allowing you to customize the pistol exactly to your needs. Red dots, suppressors, flashlights, lasers – all can be attached to the pistol depending on your playstyle. Everything fits perfectly and it’s easy to install. It will still fit our Holster too!

On top of that, all spare parts are also available to make sure that your SSX23 will serve you for a long time, should you ever need replacement.