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The SSR9 DSG is a unique AEG. It comes with Dual Sector Gear preinstalled out of the box. This upgrade dramatically increases RPS and is usually reserved for techs as it requires a lot of fine-tuning to get it right. The DSG version makes the SSR9 arguably one of the best airsoft CQB AEG. It offers well-proven quality parts, as well as great ergonomics — all that while being more compact than the regular AR platform.

SSR9 DSG Features

  • Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (includes burst, binary, battery, and overheat protection, etc.) Click for Guide
  • Extreme up to 36 rounds per second with Dual Sector Gear (9:1) and the 11.1V battery.
  • 2 Power variants to choose from with 1 Joule or 0.5 Joule Full Auto/Semi (Legal in Germany, for 14+ years old)
  • Polymer body with top Picatinny rail for accessories and CNC aluminium slotted Handguard
  • Great accuracy due to a 6.03 precision barrel with improved rotary Hop-Up unit & Maple Leaf bucking.
  • Modern Flat Trigger.
  • Gearbox with a Quick Spring Exchange System.
  • Sling attachment point.
  • CNC Custom Amplifier, over 100 dB on Full Auto.
  • 14mm CCW Thread for suppressors or accessories.
  • Advanced internal parts (more in Tech Breakdown).
  • LiPo battery ready, Rigid T-Dean battery connectors.
  •  Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsofters in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.
  • All spare parts are available.

Length: 55.2 cm Weight: 1.9 kg Magazine Capacity: 120 BBs

Novritsch BB & Battery Recommendation

Joule BB Weight Battery
0.8-1 Joule 0.28g 11.1V

We recommend using Novritsch BBs for the best performance.

 The battery is not included. We recommend using an 11.1V LiPo battery.
 Due to the high rate of fire, we advise against using heavier than the recommended BB weight.

 The DSG doesn’t come with pre-cocking, because it doesn’t need it.





Up to 36 rounds per second. That’s what a DSG – Dual Sector Gear is capable of doing thanks to the tappet plate, critical for controlling the timing of the gearbox cycle, resulting in an insane rate of fire.

36 RPS
Designed for CQB
Advanced Internals
Out of the Box


With its CNC Amplifier, it can reach 105 dB of sound. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of this AEG. Remember, battles are won in the head (and on the field).



The SSR9 resonates on the field like an airstrike. Also, the giggle factor comes included with the DSG.


Make sure you get the exact amount of BRRRRT you want thanks to the preinstalled Electronic Trigger Unit.


The short handguard of the SSR9 DSG makes it the ideal contender to engage in CQB allowing you to pass tight corners with no constraints and is lightweight enough to always have your gun at the ready without tiring.

Rotary Hop-Up Wheel

The hop-up wheel comes with number dials so you can always keep track of your last hop-up settings. It’s the little details that matter.

Perfect Timing

A DSG – Dual Sector Gear, is a high-performance gearbox configuration capable of achieving an insane rate of fire, up to 36 rounds per second. The tappet plate is regulating the gearbox cycle timing, ultimately contributing to the DSG’s remarkable firing speed.

Big Battery Compartment

Thanks to the wider collapsible stock of the SSR9, the battery space is bigger and more accessible. This eliminates the hassle of putting the battery in and managing your cables.

Maple Leaf Bucking

The SSR9 comes with a Maple Leaf Macaron out of the box. These buckings are a timeless staple of quality. It is further supported by a silicone nub, ensuring consistent performance and accuracy.

High-End CNC Compression Assembly

To ensure optimal airflow, the piston is equipped with ported CNC machined aluminium head.

The cylinder head is also made of CNC aluminum, as computer-finished parts are more precise and durable.

Spring Exchange Ready

The gearbox offers a spring exchange without the need to disassemble it. This a practical feature if you for whatever reason decide you want to see what’s inside the SSR9’s V2 Gearbox.

Note that the stock needs to be taken off the gun before exchanging the spring.

T-Dean & LiPo Ready

We are living in the 21st century. Your future gun is entirely LiPo battery compatible. It also comes with the T-Dean battery connector preinstalled. They feature less resistance and more durability.


Hanguard slots & Picatinny, what else? You can put on any red dot, any flashlight, grips and suppressors. Configure the beast and let it go wild on the field.


The SSR9 magazines are slim while still holding 120 BBs. This is 10 magazines on a single chestrig by the way. Should you? We don’t know, but you can. Either carry more or save space, win-win.


The SSR9 DSG ▷ Magazine ▷ Manual ▷ Cleaning Rod


Starting out with airsoft? To make it as easy as possible for you, we created an extensive video academy to know everything about airsoft and your own replica.

We also offer all the spare parts you would ever require on this website. The last thing you want is to be out of service because a tiny part gave out on you.