SSQ22 Gas Blowback Rifle

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The NOVRITSCH GBBR that we have all been waiting for. Maneuverable, lightweight rifle following a proven design with upgraded internals and modernized furniture.

Infuse realism into your game!

SSQ22 Features

  • Realistic operation and a nice kickback with each shot.
  • Full-steel trigger assembly and instant trigger response.
  • Durable steel trigger internals.
  • Modern design with multiple MLOK mounting options.
  • An extended top Picatinny rail for different aiming devices.
  • Semi-only rifle.
  • Accurate & consistent thanks to a better performing Maple Leaf silicone bucking.
  • Tool-less TDC Hop-Up Adjustment.
  • Take it out of the box and enjoy it right away.
  •  Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • In-depth Start Airsoft Course.
  • Designed by passionate Airsofters in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.

Capacity: 36 BBs

Length: 830mm Weight: 1.8 kg without the magazine

Gas 0.8-1J 1.1-1.4J 1.4-1.8J
<20C° Black Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g
20-25C° Red Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g
25-30C° Green Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g
>30C° Blue Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g


The SSQ22 is simply lightweight and accurate. With limited magazine capacity in GBBRs, you must rely on each BB that leaves your barrel. Read on to see how we achieved accuracy. Or just buy now and see for yourself.

Must Do: Clean the barrel when receiving the SSQ22 to get rid of the oil film protecting from transport oxidization and obtain the best accuracy


Some of us do, and some of us don’t. But who cares? We are not here to judge. Regardless, with all the MLOK and Picatinny mounting options, the SSQ22 allows you to show your style easily


You might have heard that GBBRs suffer from freezing hop-up bucking, resulting in poor accuracy. That is not the case anymore.

With gas-efficient nozzle assembly, CNC machined Hop-Up chamber, and Maple Leaf 60° bucking with a large nub surface, you can be sure the BBs will reach their target.


How can a gun that shoots sniper BBs and uses Gas be cheap to run? The answer combines accuracy and Semi only. Feel free to do your math. A few precise hits with more expensive BBs are cheaper than spraying an entire bag of BBs with your Full Auto AEG. Regarding gas, one bottle should last you for several game days.


As surprising as it might seem to some, the SSQ22 is easy and fun to maintain. And if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. There is a proper video guide in our Academy.


Do you know how to spot a proper GBBR? It can go with heavy sniper BBs. If we judge the SSQ22 with these parameters, it’s more than proper, hopping up to 0.46g BBs out of the box. So just shoot through the bush.

Oh, and since we’re talking Hop-Up, check out the adjustment wheel! You will always know which way to add more Hop-Up.


If you get the SSQ22, don’t expect the need to tinker with it. We always design our airsoft replicas to be ready out of the box, and our GBBR Rifle is no exception! That’s why there is an entire development team behind it.


Novritsch Rifles are not developed in a “Fire&Forget” mode. And for Gas Guns, we love the option to run it on HPA during cold winter games. For that reason, the SSQ22 HPA adapter development is well on the way. And there are more cool accessories coming!

Shooting around 2 Joules out of the box might be too hot for some. You can select from 3 power variants depending on your local field rules to have a rifle that fits your needs. You can also get different nozzles to change the power whenever needed.

The gas and BBs you use and the temperature you play in also affect the output power, giving you great control over your rifle’s safety!


Unlike many Gas Rifles, the SSQ22 has three preinstalled QD Sling mounts on each side. See if you can spot them all! Especially with the high-power variant, you will be glad to quickly switch to your sidearm for those CQB moments.


GBBR magazines usually have limited BB capacity and enclosed mags. That makes it hard to know how many BBs you have. The SSQ22 features a front groove similar to gas pistol mags. You can see how many BBs are left in your magazine. Easy and convenient.

The SSQ22 has a skeletonized stock with a rubber pad that is attached to a Picatinny rail. A simple yet sturdy solution that can support some action. However, if you want something fancier, you can detach the stock to go full hip-fire or replace it with the SSG10 A3 Foldable Stock for transport and extra features.



Blow Back is satisfying. That’s a fact. And so are the gun controls. If you are into gun drills, you will love them. And the same applies if you are into smooth shooting action with some kick to it!


   The SSQ22
‣   Gas Magazine
‣   Manual
‣   Cleaning Rod



As with all our replicas, the SSQ22 System comes with a full video academy covering all the stuff you might need to know. From opening the box to disassembling the last screw, we got you covered with quality videos!
Our Vienna-based Tech Support team made up of airsoft players is here to help you with any of your concerns.

Additional information

Muzzle Energy

0.8-1 Joule, 293-328 FPS, 1.1-1.4 Joules, 344-388 FPS, 1.4-1.8 Joules, 388-440 FPS