SSG10 Full Seal Silent Pouch


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This full seal silent magazine pouch will keep your magazines protected from the elements which would inherently affect your gun’s accuracy. Because nobody wants dirty or wet BBs.

The new fast closing system allows you to close it in a matter of seconds so it can be accessed faster and the cord allows it to be silent. You can also adjust the cord length however you want so that your magazines fit perfectly.

This pouch perfectly fits one SSG10 / VSR-10 style magazine or even a speedloader.

 Handwash only, warm water, no detergent.



Thanks to the new closing system with the elastic cord, you can close your pouch in seconds by pulling on the tab. It‘s faster and still as efficient.


The elastic string on the inside of the pouch has a knot that you can untie. Untie the knot, adjust the cord, tie the knot again and you have a perfectly fitting pouch.


No more rattling of the plastic clips. The silent buckle is not going to make any noise even if you let it open and run to hide.


For some, it’s straightforward, for others, it’s something to learn.

Check out this gif to see how to molle your pouch perfectly in order to have it as safe and fixed as possible.

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