SSG10 A1 Magazine Holder Adapter


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Have your spare magazine ready exactly where you need it for fast and sneaky reloads.

This adapter allows you to use the SSG10 magazine holder with your SSG10 A1.

With the holder attached, the spare magazine just clicks in place and is held securely by friction.

You don’t need this adapter for the SSG10 A2 & A3.

Material: Rubber
Manufacturer: Maple Leaf


The magazine holder doesn’t only completely change the look and feel of your SSG10 A1 but is also functional. It allows you to carry one extra magazine directly on your rifle, always ready for a reload.

Magazine at the ready

Sometimes you cannot move too much because it would give away your position to the enemy. Regular magazine pouches can be too far from your rifle for a reload and that’s exactly the situation in which you will appreciate the Magazine Holder. Your spare magazine is ready right next to your magwell so you can reload with minimum movement.