SRS – 3D Camo Cover


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As humans, we’re very good at recognizing familiar shapes and an uncamouflaged rifle can easily give away your position. Painting your gun can help, but it comes with drawbacks so we decided to find a new, better solution.

The rifle cover with 3D leaves is the best and easiest answer to your camouflage problem.


  • Colour corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • Can be cut for your desired length
  • Works with both SRS A1 and A2
  • Clear line of sight
  • All controls are still accessible
  • Advanced leaf sewing method for a better 3D effect.
  • Compatible with our Leaf Camo System for even more camouflage
  • Leaves don’t make a sound when moved around
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A cool rifle deserves a proper camo. Now all the SRS players out there can enjoy the benefits of the NOVRITSCH Camouflage System too! No corners were cut while designing this camo cover.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to check out the NOVRITSCH Suppressor with baffles from acoustic foam for extra quietness. We also have Suppressor Cover and Scope cover to match your rifle cover.


This custom fit SRS rifle cover gives you options for using it when you need it. Since the SRS comes with different barrel lengths, our cover comes pre-fit for the longest variant. To make it fit on shorter barrels, all you need to do, is to cut the cover at the visible markings. The extra stitching will make sure that the cover will not start falling apart.

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Amber, ACP