Screen Camo Set- SC1 – Woodland


Available on back-order


he new Novritsch Screen Camo Set now offers versatile options to craft your camo setup even better.

The light fabric alongside the 6 color variations in one bag is exactly what will make your camo crafting fun at home and rewarding on the field.

You can cut it in different shapes, then zip it to the mesh material to create a unique 3D effect which can help to break the patterns of your body or your gun even more.

Coming in a large Novritsch plastic bag containing:

5 Bags of Brown Zipties
1×1,45m Kelp Forest Green
1×1,45m Lima Bean Green
1×1,45m Olive Drab
1×1,45m Dark Earth
1×1,45m Tan
1×1,45m Khaki