Raffia Camo – RC1


Available on back-order


The NOVRITSCH Raffia Camo is the quickest way to become invisible. No ghillie suit is perfect without Raffia which gives it the final touch. Merge with nature within minutes of prep time.


  • Color graded by Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • 4 different colors to match YOUR environment.
  • Real Grass
  • Very tough

Easy attachment

If you’re using the NOVRITSCH leaves, you can simply attach the raffia onto the leaf. Fast and simple.

Ready to go

We picked the colors and they work. No more dyeing or painting, no more trial and error. You have 4 different color schemes to choose from to match YOUR needs.

You should also know that this is real grass that has been colored. Due to the fact that this is a natural product, it will release excess color if you put it in water but it will not lose all of it. You also should not wash it.

What’s in the package?

There are all 4 colors of Raffia in one package. This is in our opinion more than enough to furnish a full-body ghillie suit.