Premium Angled PEQ Box (Light+Laser)

R7 250.00

Available on back-order


A premium angled side PEQ box with a slick ergonomic build and lower profile. It gives you the option to use it as both a flashlight, strobe and laser. Including IR capabilities this modern design is more practical than your standard peq box and doesn’t block your hand nor view when operating your gun.


  • Low / Medium / High power modes
  • Visible Light & Laser / IR Light & Laser
  • Dual buttons on mount, double-tap for strobe
  • Comes with an additional dual pressure pad switch
  • Picatinny mount
  • M-LOK mount conversion parts
  • Full-metal body
  • Can be reversed L/R to mount on either side of the gun

Runs on 1x CR123 battery
220 Lumens Flashlight & 5mW Laser

 Adjusting the aim should be done carefully as over-tightening the adjusting screws might damage the mechanism inside.

 This product is prohibited in Switzerland.

Gun Compatibility

 The SSR4 System
The SSX303 System


Your standard flashlight & red laser dot but also an IR version for those who like to run night vision in their gear. The black switch on the side allows you to switch between Low Medium and High intensity.


If you want a different operating system or switch your grip often, the PEQ box comes with a Picatinny dual switch you can mount on top of your gun giving you 4 total buttons.


To switch modes rotate the mechanism at the front of the device to your desired one. There are three in total, OFF, Visible Laser/Light & IR Laser/Light.


The ideal battery for flashlights, combining small size and power to keep your device going all game long. You can find it here.


The PEQ box allows you to fully adjust it not only regarding the mount type and side but also its aim, making sure you are on target.


A protection case you can reuse for any of your accessories when heading to the field. A user manual to not miss a single feature. M-LOK screws to modify the mount. And finally, tools to install and adjust your PEQ box on your replica.


Give your gun coherence and make everything as streamlined and easy to manipulate as possible. The PEQ box is the next step in terms of gun customization.