Predator Mk3 Bifrost Tracer Unit Suppressor

R6 740.00

Available on back-order


Combining a Quick Detach suppressor and a multi-color tracer/flash unit, this accessory is the Swiss knife of muzzle devices.

Attach your suppressor/tracer on and off anytime in less than two seconds if you need to make use of tracer BBs or if you just want to change the aesthetic of the gun for the day.


  • QD Suppressor with simple pull and twist
  • Flash hider with locking screw
  • Muzzle flash function with 7 colors
  • 11 programmable modes: Tracer only, Flash only and Tracer+Flash
  • Use RGB, Multi-Colour or Single Colour depending on your preference
  • Up to 35 rounds per second
  • 139.3mm x 42 mm (Suppressor) 28mm x 54mm (Tracer Unit)
  • 14mm CCW flash hider (Negative)
  • Intelligent Power Control
  • Li-Ion, rechargeable

It offers the following colors: Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Pink – Purple

 Comes in a protective case with a USB-C cable, a flash hider, the QD suppressor, a Bifrost M tracer, and the user manual.

Gun Compatibility

The SSQ22 System
The SSR4 System
The SSR63 System
The SSR9 System
The SSR90 System
The SSX303 System


The tracer fits snuggly inside the suppressor and can be taken out to be
recharged or programmed by unscrewing the front of the suppressor.


Bifrost shows off like no other on the field, this tracer transforms your entire shooting experience with 11 available modes.


Simply pull the bottom of the suppressor forward to release the tension and free the flash hider.

Having your unit on or off is not a constraint anymore but simply a matter of a few seconds.


The unit is rated IP64 which is more than what you need for airsoft.

Don’t go scuba diving with it and you should be fine.