NOVRITSCH Suppressor – 3D Camo Cover



As humans, we’re very good at recognizing familiar shapes and an uncamouflaged rifle can easily give away your position. Painting your gun can help, but it comes with drawbacks so we decided to find a new, better solution.

The suppressor cover with 3D leaves is the best and easiest answer to your camouflage problem.

Feature Overview:

  • Snug Fit – Low Profile.
  • Line of sight not obstructed.
  • Lightweight – you will not notice a difference.
  • Advanced leaf sewing method for a better 3D effect.
  • Compatible with our 3D leaves for even more camouflage.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Leaves don’t make a sound.


The cover is tailored to fit the Suppressor perfectly. Just slip it on and adjust the bungee cord.



You can choose from multiple colours to blend with your environment in your area.
You can also add your preferred camo materials to make your rifle unique. We recommend the 3D leaves.


The high-quality mesh will not rip, not even in the densest bushes and thorns.
You can focus on your target, instead of worrying about damaging your cover.
We used an advanced 3D sewing method with durable nylon thread. This system will serve you for many years to come.


Furnished with Leaf Camo – LC1, Leaf Camo – LC2 & Raffia Camo – RC1


For additional camouflage and sneakiness, the mesh base allows you to attach 3D Leaves with the innovative pin attachment.
This way you can blend in even more with your environment.
Spray paint, for example, only covers the surface of the rifle. To really mask the shape of the gun, it is way better to introduce a “third dimension” that will trick the human eye even more.
3D leaves will step up your camouflage game to a completely new level!

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Amber, Everglade, ACP