Modular 3D Ghillie Suit – Pants

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The Modular Ghillie pants provide a superior camouflage effect and improved durability even when crawling for hours at a time.

Compatible with the rest of our Modular Ghillie Suit line-up it features reinforced sections for better integrity and size adjustment for different types of players.

Also compatible with our standard Ghillie Suit Jacket.


  • Adjustable waist size with a cord (S – XL). Suitable for waist sizes up to 114 cm.
  • Knees reinforced with triple-layer.
  • Front-facing Gaiters made of uniform fabric for extra durability.
  • Ripstop Fabric is also used on the outer mesh.
  • Compatible with our LC System – Artificial Leaves.
  • Redesigned suspenders to fit all sizes better.
  • Pocket Holes allowing access to pockets in your pants.
  • Shoelace hooks prevent the pants from rolling up.
  • Colour corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria.
  •  Extensive video library with courses and guides.

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These Pants are a part of our Advanced Modular Ghillie Suit system. With years of Textile development experience, we redesigned the original suit from the ground up to deliver a feature-packed Ghillie solution that covers you head to toe.


Our Modular Ghillie Pants are size-adjustable! Thanks to the elastic waist, you can run these pants almost regardless of the shape you’re in right now. Adjustable is also the suspenders that ensure the pants stay up all time!


With years of experience in Ghillies, we know that the standard mesh wears off faster around the knees. The Modular Ghillie Pants offer dual reinforced knee pads out of ripstop on top of the mesh on the knees to ensure that it won’t happen.

To prevent excessive rips, we added a layer of uniform fabric to the lower front part of the pants to serve as gaiters. 


Taking community feedback on our original design, we made our Modular Ghillie Suit pants adjustable and suitable for sizes from S – XL. With a simple cord, you can comfortably wear these pants up to 114cm in waist size.


You should always wear pants under the Ghillie Pants to prevent ticks and other invaders. That’s why the Ghillie pants don’t have pockets themselves but rather come with large enough pocket holes for you to access your precious gear (snack).


Each trouser leg comes with a hook that easily attaches to your shoelaces. That is especially useful when you go prone and still have to crawl around as the pants just cannot roll up.


We redesigned our suspenders to be more durable, comfortable, and in line with our textile design language. Simply better looking!

The Colours of Nature

The Modular Ghillie Suit comes in all of the most popular patterns. That will allow you to get the best effect out of the box.

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Kreuzotter, Amber, Everglade, Flecktarn, ACP