Leaf Camo – LC4



The NOVRITSCH Leaf Camo is the quickest way to become invisible. Merge with nature with just a few clicks.


  • Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • New Quick Pin Attachment System.
  • Super 3D Effect.
  • 3 different color schemes to match YOUR environment.
  • Compatible with most ghillie suits on the market.
  • UV and water-resistant


  • 40 double leaves
  • 40+ pins

Become invisible

Save time

The revolutionary Quick Pin Attachment System lets you furnish your whole suit in a fraction of the time needed to furnish a regular ghillie suit. The modularity and speed allows you to adapt your suit to the field you are playing at. It is so fast you can even do it at the field before the game starts.

Colors of nature

We picked the colors and they work. No more dyeing or painting, no more trial and error. Just click and play. You have 4 different color schemes to choose from to match YOUR needs.

3D Effect

The pin on the bottom acts as a base and supports the leaf. The leaf will stick out and break up your silhouette effectively. Super 3D effect.

Compatible with other Ghillie Suits

The base material of most suits on the market is always some mesh material. As long as the pin will go through, you can use our leaves and make your suit perfect.


The leaves have been tested in Vienna, Austria and they don’t fade out if exposed to UV or water. They can release a little bit of excess color, but there is plenty of color left and you won’t see a difference.

Additional information

Artificial Leaves Colors

Bronze, Oak Green, Wood