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Helmets are easy to spot from a distance because of their round shape which resembles a human head. That’s why you need to break it up with some 3D camouflage!

The Novritsch Helmet Cover, does this just right while still allowing the use of helmet accessories such as NVG, counterweights, strobe lights, Flashlights, etc.

It also adds elastic bands, MOLLE, and Velcro for other stuff to put on.

Note: Only Fits FAST Helmets in the high-cut configuration.


  • Colour corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • Advanced leaf sewing method for a better 3D effect.
  • Elastic bands to add vegetation
  • Additional MOLLE and Velcro
  • Does not obstruct any functions
  • Stretchable adjustment strings
  • Compatible with our Leaf Camo System for even more camouflage
  • Leaves don’t make a sounds when moved around
  • Easy installation and removal


The perfect incognito cover for the helmet players. It’s not as good as our sniper bonnie, but it’s damn close. If you can see the enemy, the enemy can most likely see you too. That’s why camouflaging your head is so important.


The cover features additional space for attaching more stuff. Elastic bands to add natural vegetation, MOLLE, and Velcro! You have more than enough options to play with and customize your helmet!

Velcro on the top is perfect place to put our hitmarker deadrag. Just in case the enemy will spot you, of course.


The high-quality mesh will not rip when you go through bushes. You can focus on stalking your target instead of worrying about damaging your cover.


Snug fit no matter what. Floppy helmet cover would be annoying if you get tangled up in branches. Not in this case. Just pull the cord and you’re done!


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Amber, Everglade, ACP, Kreuzotter