Flip Up Magnifier Mount

R930.00R3 000.00


This Magnifier mount allows you to flip the magnifier up and down without pressing any buttons and not having to shift the magnifier to any side.

Keep your gun profile minimal, avoid tangling with slings and bumping with your environment.

Comes with a protective hard case & extra label to mark down any accessory you decide to store inside.

 It only aligns properly with our Red Dot V3 Mounted on this High Riser. Get that 2x zoom 2x faster.

 Magnifiers with a 30mm tube diameter will fit the mount. You can choose to either get the mount & the magnifier as a set with a hex key or the mount by itself if you already have a magnifier.



Less than one second, that’s what it takes to flip your magnifier. No need to take your finger off the trigger or your eye off the target. Remain lethal at all times.


Up & Down. That’s it.
No flipping to the side.
When not in use the magnifier simply folds below the red dot and keeps you from any of the unwanted collisions and issues that side magnifiers bring.



The best there is when it comes to magnifier options. Extreme proximity to your optic, low profile and fast adjustments.
All you need.

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