Bipod V2 – MLOK

R1 380.00

Available on back-order


Heavy duty bipod that will give your gun a distinctly unique look on the field!

Attaches via MLOK to the side of your rifle.

With the split bipod mounted, the SSG-10 A2 & A3 become too wide for the gun case and can crack it during transport. The Gun Bag will be the better choice for transport, if you want to use this bipod.

Rifle Compatible
SSG10 A1 No
SSG10 A2 Yes
SSG10 A3 Yes
SSG 24 No
SSG96 No
SSX303 Yes
SSR15 Yes



When folded, it sits flush with the stock and does not protrude on the bottom like other bipods do. Therefore, it doesn’t force you to peak out of a cover more than is necessary.


In every position, it locks securely in place. When locked, it will not move forward or backward like other bipods do.

Works just like a standard bipod but it gives you the option of choosing the right angle.