1-4x Prism Scope

R8 730.00

Available on back-order


Step up your gameplay with this premium scope providing you with a high field of view to not miss a single thing on the field.

A heavy-duty prism scope with versatile engagement distances, a solid mount and packed with features.


  • 1x – 4x Quick Magnification switch
  • Red dot top plate compatible with Micro Red Dot v3
  • Illuminated Red reticle with CR2032 Battery
  • Eye Relief → 90mm
  • Especially suitable for DMR setups and heavy guns
  • Comes with a killflash & transport bag
  • Ironsights on top

Gun Compatibility


 The SSR4 System
 The SSX303 System

 Not compatible with SSG10 Gen1 Rail. To mount this on the SSG10, you need the Gen2 Rail.




Not only can you switch between 1x and 4x but you also have iron sights on top that you can switch to instantly.

One is directly on top and the second is tilted for when you’re cleaning rooms. Dust hides in every corner.


The scope has a red dot plate on top that perfectly fits the Micro Red Dot V3. Upgrade from the insights and play airsoft on every level, capable of engaging at any distance and adapting to sudden contact.



Switch the lever by pulling it down and to the side to switch from 1x magnification to 4x. Quick switches on the field allow for more courses of action for you to take.


To adjust the elevation you can both change it with an Allen key or simply by rotating the wheel at the rear of the scope.


For the windage elevation adjust it on the left side by twisting the wheel, tools work but a coin will work just as good.