Universal Holster


Available on back-order


Buying different holsters for all of your pistols can be costly and in most cases, you won’t even be able to holster your pistols with your favourite accessories on them.

At Novritsch, we’ve decided to change that and developed a brand new universal holster system.

Our system allows you to use the same holster for multiple guns, so if you rock with us, this will be the last holster you’ll have to buy.


With the new system, you can even holster a fully kitted SSP18 with a carbine kit.

With the active retention function, you only have to push one button to quickly release your gun.

For securing this holster on your battle belt, the best option will be the molle mount gen2.

Now that the holster speaks for itself, the only thing left to do is to select the right adapter for your pistol:

  • SSP1 Adapter
  • SSP5 Adapter
  • SSP18 Adapter
  • SSE18 Adapter

 Only use with Airsoft replicas as the trigger is exposed
  This holster is NOT compatible with our belt clip.
  Comes with M6x16 screw