SSX23 Red dot V2 Plate


Available on back-order



This improved Red Dot Plate allows you to mount the Micro Reddot as close to the slide as possible for easier aiming and lower profile.

The rail is CNC Machined from lightweight aluminium.

Compatible only with the Red Dot – Micro V2


  • Red dot plate
  • Mounting screws
  • Allen key

When mounting, make sure not to put undue pressure on either side of the red dot with your hand otherwise it won’t line up right.



When compared to the standard slide rail, the red dot sits about 7mm lower, which makes a considerable difference in both speed and accuracy. The dot is closer to the bore axis, which makes it easier to find the dot in a stressful situation.


The incredible range & precision paired with a red dot optic makes the SSX-23 a deadly precision gun. The red dot does not cover half of your target like the fiber optic sights do.

Also, you cannot make any alignment mistakes which will make your shots more precise, especially at long ranges.