SSX23 – Modular Suppressor


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Sound reducing modular suppressor for the SSX23 with a 16mm CW thread.

The 14mm CCW Adapter is also included in the package so you can use it with other airsoft replicas.

We do not recommend this suppressor for the SSP1 as the barrel is dropping which can lead to malfunctions.

Outer diameter: 36mm
Length: 225mm / 145mm / 105mm

Rifle Compatible
SSG10 A1 Yes, with this adapter
SSG10 A2 Yes, with this adapter
SSG10 A3 Yes, with this adapter
SSG 24 Yes, with this adapter
SSG96 Yes, with this adapter
SSX303 Yes
SSR15 Yes
Pistol Compatible
SSP18 Yes
SSX23 Yes
SSE18 Yes



This suppressor is not just designed to add to the look of your gun. Its internals will make your airsoft gun’s muzzle noise a lot more silent.

The foam disks inside imitate baffled systems of the real-steel suppressors.



This unique feature of the suppressor allows you to make the suppressor shorter or longer according to your preference.

To change the length of the suppressor you don’t need any tools.

There is no need to buy three different suppressors with different lengths.

Acoustic foam

The foam discs inside the NOVRITSCH Suppressor are made of Acoustic foam that is used in sound studios. The foam was initially designed to effectively absorb noise and echoes.

Additional the alternating sizes of the discs create more surface area to further increase the sound dampening.

You can get extra foam discs here as well in case you need more.


The Suppressor’s body is made of black oxidized lightweight aircraft aluminum. Your gun will be way more silent while keeping its balance.

Internal design

For maximum efficiency, the whole suppressor is filled with foam discs of two different sizes. The cavities will trap the excessive air that’s coming out of the inner barrel.

To make sure that the BB doesn’t hit anything inside of the suppressor, the disks get bigger towards the end. Also, the exit hole is enlarged to ensure that the trajectory doesn’t get influenced even when the gun is being moved during the shot.

Additional information

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