Red Dot – V3


Available on back-order


A High-quality Red Dot made to last. Modern, compact design allows you to comfortably mount it on not only assault rifles but also SMGs/PDWs and other compact airsoft weapons. A rubber finish helps this red dot achieve supreme longevity.

Red Dot V3 Features:

  • Picatinny rail compatible
  • An adjustable dot (both X and Y-axis)
  • Splash-proof design capable of withstanding rainy days.
  • 11 brightness levels to suit any weather or environment
  • Compact design
  • Two rail mounts: basic and elevated.
  • Rubber shell (scratch-free)

Red dot needs a battery to run. It uses a common type: CR2032

Batteries are not included.



This Red Dot offers a great mix of sturdy design, mounting options and brightness levels. With all these features, a V3 Red Dot can be considered one of the most interesting aiming solutions on the market.


The protective rubber finish makes this Red Dot resist many scratches. You will never have to worry about damaging it when making the riskiest moves on the field or pushing through dense bushes.


The brightness of the laser dot can make or break a Red Dot. With this one, you are getting 11 levels of brightness allowing you to adapt to basically any possible condition on the field. Neither rain nor direct sunshine will catch you off guard. Hitting your target will not be a problem anymore.



With this Red Dot, you get two mounts. A low-profile one is great for compact builds. Furthermore, you also get the cut-out high mount that makes aiming more comfortable and goes perfectly with a face mask. Your choice!


It uses bigger CR2032 batteries instead of CR1632 which is essential for the battery life. Some other red dots use smaller batteries. That is not ideal because you have to change them more often. Not in this case.