NOVRITSCH SSR15 Electric Assault Rifle


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SSR15 Electric Assault Rifle

The SSR15 is your best companion in any Airsoft Game! Whether you are playing a long outdoor milsim or attending a fast paced CQB match – this rifle is always going to shine with its outstanding performance.
Its rigid aluminium construction, incredibly fast trigger response and the highly accurate shots will give you the unfair advantage on the field.

The SSR15 features:

  • Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (Gate Titan)
  • 23 rounds per second with high speed gears (16:1) with 11.1V
  • Highly accurate due to rotary chamber and Maple Leaf Hopup
  • Lots of battery space in the PTS stock
  • Modern grip design by PTS
  • Reliable feeding + full mag indicator with PTS magazine (150 bbs)
  • Lightweight and strong. Full aluminium construction
  • Fast trigger response with high torque neodymium magnet motor
  • Ambidextrous controls and QD sling points
  • Comes in a hardshell guncase
  • Final assembly and QC done by our trusted partner Vega Force Company

Recommended Batteries and BBs:

  •  ~1.5 Joules: 11.1V Battery & 0.28g BBs
  •  ~1.13 Joules: 7.4V Battery & 0.28g BBs
  •  <1 Joule: 7.4V Battery & 0.25g BBs

Out of the box

Premium internals and the industry-leading Gate Titan controller unit ensure that your SSR15 will last you a long time! No upgrading, no long nights before the game day, no hassle. Just plug in the battery and own the field!

Rule them all

Outrange your enemies and enjoy watching their BBs dropping long before they reach you. Take them down with pinpoint accuracy. There is little competition for the SSR15 out there.

All in one

Full metal body, ambidextrous controls, modern looks and supreme ergonomics. All this makes the SSR15 the perfect choice for YOU!

Whether you are playing a long outdoor milsim or attending a fast paced CQB match – this rifle is always going to shine with its outstanding performance.

Designed by players

Sniper-like precision in an AEG, reliability, top notch internals and built quality. We accept nothing less than perfection. And you should too!


The signature NOVRITSCH drill-fluted barrel, custom handguard with Magpul licensed M-LOK, and PTS furniture gives the SSR15 a unique look. But it doesn’t end there. You can customise your rifle even more by attaching any accessory you might want!


The industry-leading Gate Titan trigger unit is the hearth of the SSR15.

It makes the trigger response very fast due to the precooking function and delivers just the right amount of energy to the motor to ensure the longevity of the whole system. It also detects which battery you’re using and protects it from undercharging. This is the best unit on the market.


The Gate Titan also allows you to program bursts and with the Gate Link you can download the latest software update for your SSR15. The trigger itself has a serrated flat surface which feels great when you touch it. The little hook at the end also prevents your finger from slipping off the trigger.



To stay behind cover as much as possible, you need to switch shoulders and the SSR15 will let you do that! The rifle is completely ready for left-hand operation so if you’re a leftie or the tactical guy who trains to shoot left-handed you will definitely appreciate how easy it is to operate the rifle.


The PTS stock features a big compartment for a large battery that will get you through the whole day. The whole system is tuned to work best with lithium batteries which can deliver enough power for an incredible rate of fire and fast, snappy trigger.


We all know how important it is to have the finest hop-up adjustment possible. If you want to make your gun shoot super accurate, you have to be able to dial the hop-up exactly where it needs to be. The rotary hop up chamber in combination with the Maple Leaf Hopup will let you do that!


We chose the best furniture for the SSR15. The textured PTS pistol grip has an aggressive angle for more comfort while playing.

The PTS stock has a snug fit and a big battery compartment. No more stock rattle!

The PTS 150 round midcap magazine has been the go-to magazine for pro players especially in the competitive SpeedQB community. We choose it for it’s reliable feeding capabilities, full mag indication and the solid construction.

Last but not least, in-house designed handguard with plenty of MLOK lets you attach anything you might want on the rifle. You can make it your own!


Everything works and fits together. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep your rifle as low profile as possible or if you want to equip it with a ton of tactical accessories. Everything you find on NOVRITSCH.COM works with the SSR15 and has been tested and approved by us! You choose what you put on your rifle!

What’s included?

Our Dev Team

Every part of the system has been carefully chosen by senior technicians with years of experience with building custom AEGs.

It is not about one parts that magically turns your AEG into a beast. It is about the whole system and how the parts work together, from the battery, to the barrel.

The SSR15 is fine tuned for the highest performance with 11.1V battery while being reliable even though the rate of fire exceeds 23 rounds per second.


Pre-installed is the Maple Leaf Macaron with 60* hardness which provides superior seal and hop up effect. In addition to the bucking, the Maple Leaf Omega tensioner has been installed which ensures that the rubber is under even pressure and that the BBs don’t curve to the side.


The combination of high-torque neodymium motor and 16:1 high speed steel gears is no joke. They are one of the reasons why the SSR15 has one of the best trigger responses on the market. You see an enemy, aim, pull the trigger and the BB is instantly on it’s way, giving him no chance to dodge. We kept YOUR game experience in mind when choosing the right components.


We’re not living in the past. This is the standard.


Gears need to be held in place by bearings or bushings. We chose the high speed variant – high quality 8mm bearings to get rid of the friction and to squeeze even better response time from the system.


Ventilated, full CNC piston head to ease the air flow in the cylinder at high speeds. More vents, less friction, higher rate of fire, better response time. Simple as that.


Easy to adjust even with gloves. This Hop Up unit also features a fine adjustment steps so that you can dial in the BBs precisely where you need them. Made of high quality polymer with great seal on the hop up bucking thanks to a tight fit. Just like it should be.

Additional information

Weight 0.99 kg