Magnifier Optic 3x


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Sturdy and easy to use a magnifier for your rifle red dot. It has 3x magnification to get that needed bit of zoom for that one shot across the field!

We recommend using the M2 red dot. T1 also works but is higher than the magnifier.


Every situation in the field is different. Sometimes you have to clear buildings, and sometimes you have to take down a sniper 70m away. While a red dot without magnification is perfect for CQB, it might not be enough for a long-range shot.


Now you can have both-zero magnification for close combat and zoom ready to go within a second. Just flip the magnifier in front of your red dot and see precisely where your BBs are going and if you hit the enemy down the range. It is also great for observing the field when you’re looking for hidden enemies.


Every red dot can be slightly different. That’s why this magnifier features side and height adjustments just like a regular scope so that you can centre your dot right in the middle!


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